Morden Mine News, 2008 to 2015 - Read the Friends of Morden Mine archived newsletters

Coal Mining Heritage

Our History is Under Siege, by T.W. Paterson

The Real Price of Coal, by Rick Morgan

Valuing Local Heritage Resources: Summary of a Paper, by Shiloh Durkee

Will we ever learn that without a past we have no future? T.W. Paterson

We Don't Do Our Pioneers Justice, by T.W. Paterson

Databases of Fatalities in Vancouver Island Coal Mines, compiled by Rick Morgan

Coal Miners' Registry, by Helen Tilley

Morden Then and Now

Morden Mine listing on the Canada Historic Places Registry

Creation of Morden Colliery Historic Provincial Park, compiled by Helen Tilley

Morden Colliery, by T.W. Paterson

The Morden Mine Story, by Judy Burgess

That Little Mine Down Morden, by Rick Morgan

Mary Vickers, granddaughter of W.Grant Morden on her August 3, 2013 visit to Morden

Make Morden Colliery a Tribute to Miners, by T.W. Paterson

Morden Mine - Requiem or a New Beginning?, by Rick Morgan

The Story Of Morden's Office Clock, by Judy Burgess

Morden's Geology and Structures

B.C. Geological Survey MINFILE 092GSW032 MORDEN

Plan of Morden Mine

100th Anniversary of Morden's Head Frame and Tipple, by Charlie Christopherson

Morden Colliery's Structures: Unique on Vancouver Island for Early Use of Reinforced Concrete, by Charlie Christopherson

Morden and the Trans Canada Trail

Morden and the Trans Canada Trail, David S. Dunaway

Morden Colliery Regional Trail: a River Runs through it, by David S. Dunaway

Saving Morden

Saving Morden Mine: Our Meeting with the B.C. Minister of Environment, May 2012, by Eric Ricker

Summary of the November 15, 2011 Meeting with Lori Halls, Assistant Deputy Minister, B.C. Ministry of Environment, by Eric Ricker

Coal Mining Disasters

'Grief Unbounded' Replaced Stoic Silence, by T.W. Paterson

Extension Mini-Memorial Park a Gem, by T.W. Paterson

May Their Lights Always Shine, by Rick Morgan

Chile's Underground Disaster, by T.W. Paterson


Nanaimo Community Archives agreed in 2009 to accept records of Friends of Morden Mine.
Presently most official papers of the society are in their hands. More materials will be deposited on an ongoing basis. This is a big step forward access and research-wise for members and non-members, although cataloguing by NCA may take some months. Friends of Morden Mine fond will contain records of FOMM as well as other historical information relating to Morden and surrounding areas.

FOMM encourages donations of newspaper clippings, photos, pamphlets, historical maps, plans, correspondence relating to Morden Colliery and area. If you or your family have a relevant letter, photo or other item listed above that you are willing to share through NCA, please phone 250-714-0377 for free pick-up. Your donation will be acknowledged on the NCA website www.nanaimoarchives.ca under Friends of Morden Mine fond.

Nanaimo Community Archives is located at 150 Commercial Street, Wharf Street entrance, Nanaimo, a short distance from the Harbourfront Library. Their hours of operation are Tuesday to Friday, 9 am to 12 pm, 1 pm to 5 pm.