Tours by Friends of the Morden Mine:

Friends of the Morden Mine offer tours of the Morden site by FOMM directors. To arrange, please e-mail

The Morden Colliery Regional Trail

The Morden Colliery Regional Trail closely follows the original route of the Morden Company’s railway, from the mine to the Nanaimo River, a short but delightful walk of 1.2 kms.

In the active days of the mine there was a wooden railway bridge crossing the river, but floods long ago washed this away. However, the Regional District of Nanaimo, who are responsible for the trail, are now planning in the near future to replace this bridge for recreational use. After crossing the bridge, the railway used to wind its way across country to the Company’s coal shipping facility at Boat Harbour. Another small section of this trail has also been developed by the RDN. It runs from the Wheatsheaf Inn in Cedar to Hemer Provincial Park.

After the heavy flooding of early December 2007, there was damage to one of the wooden raised walkways on the trail as it crosses Thatcher Creek. The Regional District of Nanaimo replaced Thatcher Creek footbridges damaged by December 2007 floods by culverted, elevated sections compacted with engineering fill that will resist annual erosion and flood conditions.